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When it comes to the Academy Awards, certain genres fare better than others. Drama, romance and war films are the most popular, according to IMDB, with biopics earning a lot of love too as voters seem to think that they carry more artistic and critical significance over sci-fi, action and horror movies. horrorhorror filmshorror moviesoscars

Movies with Black Leads Coming Out in 2019

Black Panther. If Beale Street Could Talk. Blackkklansman. Widows. Sorry to Bother You. Kin. 2018 was a GREAT year for black led, directed, and produced works, but 2019 looks like it’s going to be an even BIGGER year. Here are some of the movies that I’m most looking forward to in 2019. comedydramafilmshorror filmsjordan peelemoviesnetflixscifithriller

Why Female Cannibals Frighten and Fascinate

“Go on—eat it.” With these words, the 16-year-old vegetarian protagonist in Julia Ducournau’s Raw is urged to consume meat by her older sister and classmates at her new veterinary school. When Justine (Garance Marillier) refuses, her sister Alexia forces the meat into her mouth anyway, in a violent and bloody hazing ritual. The incident triggers…

The Cursed Interior: Women in Horror

“Emotional.” The word refers not to the experience of having emotions, but to being overwhelmed by them, to becoming a vector for their messy, difficult expression. It conjures up images of puffy red eyes, snot oozing over trembling lips, voices twisted by grief into unintelligible squeaking. It’s also a word used almost exclusively to refer…


In horror, there are two kinds of sex: sex that makes you kill or sex that gets you killed. On the one hand, you’ve got the fairly hackneyed sex = death equations you’ll find in a majority of slasher films. Look, I don’t know why Phantasm’s Tall Man needs to pretend to be a hot…