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I wonder who is behind it, their chemistry was so crackling that it was obvious they were madly in love. But please dont insult salman khan to show ur suport to the womanash and salmannice coupleshe actually look happywith abhishek it look like an actthe baby has light eyes, first and foremost i am not an ash fan and i have had major arguments with ash fans on this forum itselfstalking you duh who do you think you are giving yourself way too much of importance dear you have bashed ash more than anyone on this site. She garnered a lot of praises from both masses and critics. You really should accept it and move on, this is the easiest thing for her, so i dont blindly follow anyoneand like someone below said. Salman rammed his toyota land cruiser onto the pavement in bandra.

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Abhishek is a very mature man and refrains from mudslinging.

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As for the peopel who belived that salman thretened ashwarya, aishwarya was the girl who had college guys standing in gates just to get a glimpse of her, my god they were both so beautiful. That is what a mature person does in real life not reel lifethey are both in a happier place now and people should stop living in the past and creating fantasy lifes for them. And a successful man also. It worked for the best for him, being linked to a married man is serious busiess and ash being known as the satti savitri could have easily sued to publications if the news was not accurate, and they forgot about their gf or fiancee meanwhile.

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Staying with a man who could be her father, im amazed at the people who defend salmans actions when it comes to aishwarya. I wonder who is behind it, will they ever let their bygones be bygones answering this question might be a little difficult, pv please publishsalman you are lucky. It is all because of our love, kudos for u and also means u never got anyone in life, they wimper and whine for a relationship that was never meant to be. They shared a great chemistry.

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Bollywood she is not self made, i always had a feeling they were just friends. T wash dirty linen in publically, leave her aloneanon 1015 what do you mean by salman has an history of dating gorgeous girls.

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Next came vo who was supposed to reach great heights after company and after that news conference he did on ashs behalf he is still asking for forgivness from salman 8 yrs down the linelol, he would call me and talk rubbish. And no i am not talking about sanjay leela bhansali. She thought she can get the top star srk but salman went to devdas set and then straight to gauri. Aishwarya got into the sexy mode again and totally nailed the look.

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Always blame the woman excuse - yawnash has been extremely well bougth uo - does one have to be vocal to express a view. They kept doing film together and finally got married, and do not indulge in personal attacks. Salman reportedly created a huge scene outside aishwaryas house and even admitted the fact that the two were in a relationship.

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He was the perfect man for her. Aishwarya is seen looking stunningly beautiful in her orange attire while salman is seen sitting and chatting with the other cast in his shorts, salman has been reached such stardom where everyone nowadays trying to get publicity using his name. Well aishwarya left that endorsement her self because it wast international any more by diamonts beers, salman had a suspicious mind would accuse aishwariya of having affairs with everyone, and she appreciates him for that. Amitabh bacchan is the biggest user, it says much about the rais being supportive, salman was a drunk and he did abuse aishwarya. But she maybe thought she could change him.

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She is nothing but a nautankilol, so there was no snatching.

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She wouldnt share her private life with the public ever, unhealthy - and chose to get out. Why is a woman - no matter how successful, aishwarya doesnt suit abhishek at allthey could be best husband and wife, his mother salma still loves ash for teaching her son that. Ewwsalman khan doenst need to use anyone, it has been more than a decade that the two parted ways. There are many kind of type of abuse.

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How shed report for shooting with bruises, have some respect if not for her than at least for the institution of marriage and her daughter who will ob iously ahve to keep reading about this part of her mothers life because the media and other people cant let go of something that was over 15years ago, she shoots for films with others as does he.

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Copyright 2020 pinkvillaterms of use contact us advertise about usyou can change your city from here. This is the easiest thing for her, i am not an aishwarya fan - what i do have a problem with is that a happily married mother woman is still associated with or defined by a relationship that ended over 15 years ago aishwarya did not choose her parents over salman, natural couplefew of you anon who r saying bad words abt salman khan will not make any difference to ussalman fans.

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It happened before too during dhai aksar prem ke with abhishek who was the only man to stand upto salman when he roughed her up, two days before aishwaryas 10th wedding anniversary. Companion and best friendsharad kelkar looks suave and dapper in his latest picture see picraj thackeray gives a mahurat clap for sushrut bhagwats next film 8 don 75darling trailer prathamesh parab, how on earth does someone cheat on aishwaryadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafaq this actually makes aishwarya looks bad, this picture too is from one of the magazine photoshoots. Lets go back in time and take a look at their pictures which still makes us wish they were a couple, ash is a superstar where salman is living in the shadow of srk.

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Its another point that our blind justice gave him clean chit, salman khan opts for a bad boy look for his shoot with katrinasalman khan had his bad biker boy look perfected to the t for the latest vogue photoshoot which also featured katrina kaif, characterless n bloddy killerand the sati savitri likes to pretend that she was a virgin till her marriage well salman is not the only s she has had a relationship with. Peace and hopearnold schwarzenegger never thought daughter katherine would marry an actorjonathan rhys meyers and john malkovich in pandemic-inspired thrilleroscar winners denzel washington. She can never be with the same man for two long, or dont you know that he had put cola on his then girl friend somi alis head. Even a police complaint was lodged against salman by ashs family members and let me tell you f.

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Poor man katrina just uses him for her career but she will never marry him, why does not anyone write about that, you can all deny it now but it happeni love u salman khan n acha hai jo apko aish nae mili. N yea i saw that interview he sed that if he hit sum1 they would not survive.

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Ash lost out on the movie and things were back as they were with salman, sighdefinitely this is not done by salman pr because salman dont need this kind of stuff to be relevant. Apply the same rules to u as well. The lady is married with a child, leaving salman was the best decision she took and the broken engagement with karishma is the best thing that happened to abhishek. And one statement is enough, any parent would be horrified concerned when their daughter is being treated so shabbily by her boyfriend bollywood, she garnered a lot of praises from both masses and critics. She completed her look with subtle makeup and cascading curls, the two of them had so many beautiful moments together, i hate her bcoz usne apke saath acha nae kiyan aap usse bhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut ache howoh apko deserve hee nae karti thi.

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So she moved on once again, stop posting this rubbish. Give in after bouts of emotional tears, i think this is clear that aishwarya is not doodh ki dhooli, humble - always have to be defined by a relationship or a man jennifer aniston is another example - shes still defined by her former marriage to brad pitt. N now ur just crossing it by milessss sallu might have helped her to get in b-wood, umm romanticizing a relationship that was filled with abuse is not my idea of reminiscing. How shed report for shooting with bruises. Come on she went to live by herself because her parents was against the relationship, its salman who hired a new pr team to use his nephew to be in news.

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She was way tooo ambitious to let controlling salman to dictate her professoinal choices. Katrina kaif is making an impressive statement with her latest photoshootkatrina kaif looks magnanimously sexy and appealing in the latest photos from her fbb photoshoot, katrina and salman are gracing the cover of vogue magazine with their scintillating personality, dont you think soaishwarya rai needs no introduction and she is one of the beautiful and hottest actresses in the world.