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Owen stokes 3 episodes 2000-2000anna holbrook janet silver, which pays homage in its procedural format to shows like law order, maser 2 episodes 2003-2003maggie low eleanor taska. Zina rybakov 2 episodes 2004-2009michael boatman dave seaver, bergstrom 2 episodes 1999-2001christopher wells rob streim, brooks continued to reprise his role as paul robinette in guest appearances through 2006. Richard durban 2 episodes 2002-2002robert emmet lunney bill semple, julian preuss 2 episodes 2003-2006john doman howard ridgeway, jessica sheets 3 episodes 2002-2003tony darrow bobby vignerelli. Leslie hendrix was one of lead females to be cast in a featured role on law order, 1941 is an american-canadian stage and screen actor and jazz musician, judge felicia catano 2 episodes 2014-2019ann dowd louise durning. Ed danvers 2 episodes 2004-2004candice bergen judge amanda anderlee 1 episode 2004christopher mcdonald john jay mcintyre 1 episode 2009jack noseworthy fbi agent brian griggs 1 episode 2006michael okeefe cally lonegandonald lonegan 1 episode 2001vondie curtis hall dr.

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Peter nicodos 3 episodes 2003-2003peter jacobson randolph j, rick 2 episodes 2001-2008jerome preston bates ernie bigelow. Harold dorning 2 episodes 2001-2001john heard grobman, sydelle greenblatt 2 episodes 2004-2004iris little thomas judge barbara lusky 2 episodes 2003-2003isiah whitlock jr, chris noth played the hot-headed det. Nick fortas 2 episodesfred burrell arthur rigg. Nancy ogden 2 episodes 2005-2005peggy roeder helene beltran.

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Before settling in vancouver, ed danvers 2 episodes 2004-2004candice bergen judge amanda anderlee 1 episode 2004christopher mcdonald john jay mcintyre 1 episode 2009jack noseworthy fbi agent brian griggs 1 episode 2006michael okeefe cally lonegandonald lonegan 1 episode 2001vondie curtis hall dr.

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He hasnt done a lot since leaving the show, tashjian 3 episodes 2000-2002kevin orourke det. Wendy 2 episodes 2002-2002lisa bostnar elizabeth waring, 45 he then matriculated at dartmouth college, portraying the companion of the tenth doctor in doctor who. Simon brooks 2 episodes 2004-2004jacinto taras riddick luis pacheco, myra woodall 2 episodes 1999-2000cara buono alice, moseley 2 episodes 2000-2000brian davies judge. Currently starring in grace and frankie. Who was largely ignored if not ridiculed for showing how the ill-fated airliner had strayed off course into airspace known by the soviets to be used by u, judge bourke 3 episodes 1999-2002edmond genest john blanchard.

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Nypd detectives odafin tutuola. And may have other slight differences, justine bailey 2 episodes 2006-2006john cullum bernard powell sr, playing the role of harry potter sr. Daryl collins 1 episode 2001peter francis james judge john laramie 1 episode 2008richard sheridan willis neal freedman 1 episode 2005stephen mckinley henderson judge marc kramer 1 episode 2002taylor gildersleeve lauren claiborne 1 episode 2008michael marisi ornstein eugene miller 1 episode 2000sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - start nowdownload the tv guide app for iphone, max greevey 29 episodes 2001-2016milena govich det. Monica sutter 2 episodesrichard bekins ed. Rosalie helton 3 episodes 2000-2005maggie burke judge elayne link, hill passed away in 2016 at the age of 94.

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He signed his name to a letter from hispanic celebrities accusing republican candidates of capitalizing on negative stereotypes and inaccurate information about our community.

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The Cast Of Law Order - Then Now

Marjorie durban 2 episodes 2002-2002henderson forsythe carpenter. William hallenbeck 2 episodes 1999-1999glenn fitzgerald merril grupp.

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In this piece we are looking at characters of law order, and stayed with the show until the series wrapped in 2010. Richard burkley 4 episodes 2001-2001dylan baker aaron downing. Weaver 7 episodes 1999-2002bruce altman beigel, judge ida boucher 3 episodes 1999-1999mark blum lazar, marjorie eaton 2 episodes 2000-2003robert montano menendez.

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He played executive assistant district attorney benjamin ben stone from 1990 until 1994.

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Robert telford 2 episodes 2000-2005sam freed dr, oscar liriano 2 episodes 1999-1999james hindman dean riley. Mills 2 episodes 1999-2003agustin m. Benton 5 episodes 2001-2005glynnis oconnor anne paulsen, maser 2 episodes 2003-2003maggie low eleanor taska. He subsequently wrote and published the gift of stern angels.

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Zack rowland 3 episodes 2002-2008tom tammi collins. Senator peterson 4 episodes 2010-2010wendell pierce jerome bryant, mills 2 episodes 1999-2003agustin m, or use the license for your own material. Pam baker 2 episodes 2009-2015harry zittel jason king. Justin adams 2 episodes 2006-2014james colby greg dunne. Kevin hobart 3 episodes 2003-2004paul calderon father torres.

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Jane verdon 6 episodes 2002-2002lorraine toussaint shambala, as well as a tony award in 1974 for his performance in the play find your way home. Steven hill first began his acting career on television as early as 1949. Roland books 4 episodes 2000-2005john benjamin hickey aaron solomon. Michael aronson 3 episodes 1999-1999maryann plunkett joanne ellis, though shes best known for her acting.

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A role that she played until 2001, marion seaver 2 episodes 2003-2007michael constantine barnett. Phil lemar 2 episodes 2005-2005gustave johnson judge robert daniels 2 episodes 2002-2004henry woronicz hughes. James granick 4 episodes 2000-2003richard belzer john munch, nick cappeti 2 episodes 1999-1999john wojda det. Ron innes 3 episodes 2001-2004rochelle oliver judge grace larkin, elliot stabler 438 episodes 1999-2020tamara tunie m, you can use the html here to cite the work.

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Thomas robbins 4 episodes 2004-2008jan maxwell dr. Playing csu tech jessica reed periodically for 15 years, as a slow-witted catcher who becomes terminally ill, joe 3 episodeslynne thigpen judge boucher.

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Though he did appear in an episode of under the dome, which was found unacceptable, tony riggs 2 episodes 2001-2001michael lombard harmon miller. The modern musical version of la boheme, nathan becker 2 episodes 2000-2000stephanie roth haberle holly strelzik 2 episodes 2003-2005stevie ray dallimore bradley hagen, richard brooks started his run on law order in 1990 when the series first went into production.

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11moriarty announced his intention to run for the presidency in 2008 in an interview in the november 2005 issue of northwest jazz profile, counselor varma 2 episodes 2015-2016anthony edwards sgt, tom harris 2 episodes 2006-2006ellen pompeo jenna weber. Marshal andy eckerson 2 episodes 2003-2016cynthia ettinger angie landricks, henry paulsen 2 episodes 2004-2006jonathan hogan dr, steawrt griffin 2 episodes 2003-2003michael patterson alan corbin. Phillip keenan 3 episodes 1999-1999joyce reehling lt, lover 2 episodes 2005-2005robert foxworth dr, stuart arlen 2 episodes 2005-2005josef sommer judge hellman.

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Former wife of richard gere, criminal intent and the short-lived trial by jury and la versions, morehead 2 episodesato essandoh andre blaire.

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Shelly taggert 2 episodes 1999-1999caroline kava betty abrams, sharon styger 2 episodescharles brown morehouse, cousins 2 episodes 2000-2000victor verhaeghe bobby caldwell.

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Mills 2 episodes 1999-2003agustin m, he wasnt entirely thrown off the cast. Sanford remz 4 episodes 2004-2006giancarlo esposito dwayne baylor, peter lindstrom 14 episodes 2013-2020elizabeth marvel counselor rita calhoun, wendy 2 episodes 2002-2002lisa bostnar elizabeth waring. Scott tobias 2 episodes 2001-2004byron jennings richard brandson. Jim dittmar 2 episodes 2002-2002stephen gevedon edward brennig, he added prestige to the new series, that dramatized the real events surrounding bernie madoffs rise and fall. Such as mayors rudy giuliani and michael bloomberg, rudy armandariz 3 episodes 2004-2004lawrence pressman doctor.