HARD FEMME is the balance between the feminine spectrum of expression and the strength of character that comes from living in a society that tells you that you are inherently weak. It is leather and lace, it is flowers and thorns, it is dismantling the patriarchy with red lipstick and a snarl.
In searching for voices to support my views on media, politics, fashion, culture, music, and life I found very little just like mine, so I decided to start posting my own opinions and observations. 
I have a bachelors degree in liberal arts, with a focus on film production.  
I love video games, manga, desserts, comic books, anime, fashion, breakfast foods, science fiction, cats, tattoos, ghost stories, red lipstick and movies. 
I am a super liberal, meaning that this blog supports feminism, trans rights, minority rights, animal rights, gay rights and environmentalism. 
This blog is meant to be a safe space for people for me to express my opinions, discuss current events and just be myself. 
I hope you enjoy.