A swell of well drawn, whole, and complicated Black female characters in widely accessible horror cinema has been the charge of Graveyard Shift Sisters since the beginning. With a firmly established celebration of the past, it is now thankfully a time where we can look towards a future of care and visibility for fresh, new images that’ll have us talking for decades to come. There are shorts and features, both independent and mainstream that are making an 2019 appearance to celebrate and support. Here are a few that will prosper the discussion and scholarship surrounding the black women’s horror aesthetic.

See No Evil: The Current Social Relevance of ‘The People Under the Stairs’

Wes Craven had a gift for reading the room. He was always in touch with where society was and made his movies accordingly. A Nightmare on Elm Street perfectly married the rise of the 70’s slasher to the bombast of the 80’s. New Nightmare was a bellwether for the ironic self-awareness of the late 90’s upon which Scream then fully capitalized. But looking back, arguably Craven’s most reflective and socially relevant work was The People Under the Stairs.

What Wellness and Spirituality Looks Like When You’re LGBTQ+


Dazed Beauty Wellness Editor Emilia Ortiz is the no bullshit, Brooklyn-based bruja, spiritual advisor, creative, mental health advocate, motivational speaker, empath, fairy Godmother you’ve been waiting for. Passed down to Emilia through the generations of her Puerto Rican lineage, Brujeria encompasses various indigenous forms of spirituality and witchcraft practices used by Latin American, Caribbean, and African peoples. Harnessing her spiritual gift, Emilia decided to turn her attention to mental health guidance – something she felt she never had access to growing up – and set up her own self care platform, Sprititual Mami.

[Retrospective] Sci-Fi Horror Epic ‘Super Metroid’ Turns 25

Surprising, some people gloss over the fact that the Metroid series has its roots in sci-fi horror. Yes, in spite of the series owing a lot of its influence to the Alien series, most people still see the series as more sci-fi adventure, which is fair (given that this is Nintendo, after all). Yet with Super Metroid, a landmark title that celebrates its 25th anniversary today, horror still has a very real presence with the game, despite its more action-oriented leanings.

[SCREENING] The People Under the Stairs


Seattle! This Thursday at the Northwest Film Forum I’ll be hosting my monthly show NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS! This month’s movie is The People Under the Stairs!

We will also be having two special guests: Dorathy Daggers and Smokey Brown the Slutty Clown!

Tickets are available here! 

Come see a movie, some burlesque, some sideshow, and win some prizes!

TV News Roundup: Netflix’s Drops ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2’ Trailer (Watch) — Variety

In today’s TV roundup, Netflix has dropped the first trailer for “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2” starring Kiernan Shipka, and former “O.C.” star Rachel Bilson has been cast in Fox’s drama pilot “Lovestruck.” CASTING Former “O.C.” star Rachel Bilson is set to play the female lead in Fox’s new drama pilot “Lovestruck.” The…

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