Nocturnal Emissions New Episode!

Episode 7 with DJ Coldheart

Brand new episode of Nocturnal Emissions show, this one is a little different and a lot special. I currently have a few burlesque shows booked and needed to rearrange my schedule to adjust for it, (who knew there were going to be so many shows on a Tuesday?) so I asked some people to fill in for me, one of those people was DJ Coldheart. But that wound up not working out and I had to just have dead air for one night, but Coldheart and I worked out that he would be able to come back and be on the air with me. Cut to a couple weeks ago, Coldheart and I get in the booth, he has this amazing soundtrack and we record a show!

Artist Spotlight: Mang

Originally from ShenZeng, China Mang was a theatrical performer until a recent turn towards photography. Her photographs invoke this objectified beauty, she knows you’re looking at her but she is also looking at herself, both with edited tricks and also through the use of self portraits.


New Video!

Who is Guillermo del Toro?

The director has been a huge personal inspiration for me with his films and artistic vision. The way that del Toro weaves his own personal history with Mexican culture, his Grandmother and Catholicism with horror, dread, gore and monster design is very much something I would like to emulate in my career.
In the video I go into del Toro’s career and my personal connection to him.

Store Now Open!

La Monstrella

Recently I started an online store where I can sell some of my shirt designs. I was really inspired by the women’s march and the time’s up movement. I wanted to make simple shirts with bold, declarative statements on them. I know many people aren’t very vocal and instead would prefer to have a shirt speak for them. It’s important in this society to let people know what you value and who you are.

Open House Review

I don’t really remember why I watched this movie but I did. Perhaps I was bored, or maybe it was the first thing up on my Netflix recommended. But 94 minutes later, there I was, sitting at the end of this movie.

With a promising cast of  star Dylan Minnette (Don’t Breathe & Let Me In), whose foray into thriller has left me believing that he has much more to offer the genre, I was a little hopeful.

Well.. I’ll let you listen to my review.

Also I talk a bit about future episodes which may or may not actually happen, but I’m working on it! But don’t get your hopes up!