New Look At Shredded Jared Leto As Morbius Revealed

Jared Leto is a vampire.
This is a fact. How else could he look the way he does at 47?!?! I imagine him in some swanky, smoke-filled, hotel just surrounded by models, half drained of their blood. He has that kind of vibe. He’s like a human venus flytrap, alluring but also reeks of danger.

I don’t particularly care for him, for all his good looks he seemingly has no personal charm and doesn’t seem like he’s well-liked by anyone around him. His film choices are also interesting, he takes on roles that seem to aggravate people more than they feed into any fanbase [ie: Dallas Buyers Club, Suicide Squad]. I don’t particularly understand his fan base (does he have one?) but I’ll probably be watching the Morbius movie, especially if he looks like THIS in the movie, I’ll be there.

‘Tank Girl’ Director Rachel Talalay Adapting ‘A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting’ for Netflix!

Netflix is turning Joe Ballarini’s three-book series A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting into a family film, Deadline reports today, with Rachel Talalay (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Tank Girl) set to direct. Ballarini himself will be writing the adaptation.

[Video] Watch Footage from Broadway’s ‘Beetlejuice: The Musical’ and Listen to Two Songs!

The Broadway run of Beetlejuice: The Musical kicked off late last month at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City, where it will be playing straight into October. You can grab your tickets now, or if you’d rather get a better taste of what you can expect before you plunk down the money, you can check out some first look footage below.

‘The Nun’ Sequel Sets ‘Luke Cage’s Akela Cooper As Screenwriter

EXCLUSIVE: Get your crucifix and be ready to recite a bunch of Hail Marys because New Line’s The Nun is coming back and screenwriter Akela Cooper has been tapped to write the script for the next installment of the series which will take us deeper into the hellishly sacred world of The Conjuring universe.

The Horror Scholar Journal Volume 1

Horror Scholar Journal Vol. 1 is the brainchild of Celia Abate, a journalist who wanted a space for media academics to post their works. Not satisfied with the traditional, mainstream methods of getting her work to the masses and seeing other writers face rejection despite the quality of their work, she set out to make her own publication.

Gods and Monsters with Satyros Phil Brucato, Hiromi Cota, James Sambrano and Isabella Price

Last week I was interviewed for Mage: The Podcast with my collaborators on a table top RPG book that we wrote together. It is called Gods and Monsters and it’s a compendium for the World of Darkness books. I was brought in to write the pieces on African/loa/voodoo creatures and deities. It was such an honor to be in on this project and I’m really happy with the results. Please take a listen to our interview and if you play the book, please let me know what you thought!

How ‘Sabrina’ Part 2 Flipped the Script on Hollywood’s Most Annoying Breakup Trope

It’s a simple Hollywood story, really. Boy meets girl. Boy has a secret. Boy reveals secret to girl. Boy breaks up with girl “to protect her.” Girl starts dating someone else (someone worse than boy—she’s not really that into it). Boy gets jealous and messes everything up. Boy gets back together with girl because they’re “endgame.”